DLG Luce – Texas – Obama Makes His First Federal Judge Nomination in Texas

As reported in the Austin American Statesman, President Barack Obama recently made his first nomination of a Federal Judge in Texas since becoming President in 2008. Earlier today, President Obama nominated Texas attorney Diana Saldana for U.S. District Judge in the Laredo Division of the Southern District. Pending confirmation, attorney Saldana will replace Chief Judge George Kazen.

Saldana, who already has the public support of both Texas Senators received praise from Senator John Cornyn who stated that “Ms. Saldaña’s proper judicial temperament and faithful adherence to the rule of law as a judge undoubtedly will serve her well in her new role on the bench. Her experience in prosecuting human trafficking and gang cases, some of the most violent and complex faced by prosecutors, has made her among the toughest law enforcers in South Texas.”