Personal Injury

The civil litigation attorneys of DLG Luce are well aware of the complexities involved in a personal injury case, from beginning until trial or settlement. Our attorneys realize that during times like these, our client’s need to focus on their health and their recovery; this is where DLG Luce steps in.

Our DLG Luce civil litigation attorneys strive to settle matters as efficiently and expeditiously as possible, while keeping our clients informed of the legal process surrounding their case.

Our lawyers have found that one of the primary concerns our clients have had in the past is that previous attorneys they had retained did not effectively communicate with them throughout the legal process, and that as a result, they often times felt uninformed.

Keeping this in mind, a cornerstone of the DLG Luce practice is effective client communication. Our attorneys strive to keep our clients updated about the status of their case. We realize that often times the legal process moves slowly, and our DLG Luce litigation lawyers strive to assure clients that all that can be done to keep the legal process moving is always being done.

While DLG Luce attorneys always seeks to reach an amicable resolution as soon as possible, we are not afraid to litigate a case when our clients are not being dealt with in good faith. DLG Luce attorneys are trial lawyers at heart, and we are proud of this.

Some of the types of personal injury related cases we handle include the following:

  • Spinal Cord Injury Cases
  • Car Accidents
  • Truck Accidents
  • Bicycle Accidents
  • Motorcycle Accidents
  • DWI/DUI or drunk driving related accidents
  • Pedestrian accidents
  • Defective products – products liability
  • Construction accidents
  • Serious injury

We are are able to assist clients throughout the state of Texas, and are specifically experienced assisting clients in Bexar County, Travis County, Hays County and surrounding central Texas counties.

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DLG Luce : Premises Liability

The most common example of a premise liability case involves when an individual ‘slips and falls’ on the premises of another, but premises liability covers many more situations than this.

When an individual is injured due to a dangerous condition on a property that is maintained or owned by another person or entity, that person or entity may be responsible. There are many factors that go into such a determination, including whether the injured individual was on the premises for his or her own benefit, or for that of the premises owner.

Additional examples of premises liability include, but are not limited to exposure to dangerous chemicals, animal attacks and being trapped in a burning building.

The attorneys of DLG Luce are well versed in premises liability law and the ramifications of it. We have assisted many individuals who have been injured due to an unreasonably dangerous condition on the property of another.

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