DLG Luce – Swiss Dogs Won’t Get Free Lawyers

Every once in a while, we at DLG Luce LLP like to write about what amounts to a goofy, legal related, public interest story. Today’s blog fits squarely into that category. As was recently reported in the New York Times, voters in Switzerland overwhelming struck down a proposal that would have appointed lawyers to represent animals in court in every region of the Swiss country. Interestingly, despite the measures failure, the city of Zurich does currently employ a lawyer to represent animals. 

The ballot, which was rejected by about 70 percent of the Swiss electorate, would have authorized the payment of 25 more lawyers to prosecute humans on behalf of abused animals. Antoine Goetschel, the Swiss attorney in Zurich who represents animals, was quoted as saying that ‘many voters may have been fed up with the topic.’ Most of attorney Goetschels clients are dogs.

Unfortunantely, at this time DLG Luce LLP cannot extend representation to animals individually.

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