DLG Luce – San Antonio – Uber Lawsuits Filed in Texas, Worldwide

Texas Lawyer recently published an article on the rise of so called ‘Uber-Bashing’ worldwide and locally in Texas and San Antonio. 

The term ‘Uber Bashing,’ as used in the article, refers to litigation and regulatory battles that the popular consumer transportation service has dealt with.  Locally in San Antonio, plaintiffs have filed a lawsuit in federal court regarding accommodations for mobility impaired persons. The article notes that the lawsuit, which was filed by three mobility impaired plaintiffs, alleges that both Uber and Lyft fail to offer services required by the American with Disabilities Act. 

A Motion to Dismiss the lawsuit was filed this summer by lawyers for Uber and Lyft which in part argues that they ‘do not operate places of public accommodation’ and therefore ‘are not covered by the ADA.’

What also affects the arguments before the Court are recent regulatory actions put in place by the city of San Antonio to more strictly regulate services such as Uber and Lyft. A lot remains to unfold locally and worldwide for the burgeoning popular new ride services. 

More can be read about the litigation on the Texas Lawyer website.

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