DLG Luce – San Antonio – San Antonio Mayor Not Ready to Drop Lawsuit Against Unions

As recently reported in the San Antonio Business Journal, San Antonio Mayor Ivy Taylor is not ready to drop a pending lawsuit San Antonio has filed against the local San Antonio police and fire unions. 

The article notes that a City Council Consideration Request has been filed with the city clerk calling for San Antonio to withdraw the lawsuit, but Mayor Taylor is urging the San Antonio City Council to perform more due diligence before taking this step. 

The lawsuit at issue was filed in November 2014 wherein the city sought the Court to rule on whether a provision in union contracts is unconstitutional. City officials are concerned that as a result of the provision at issue, the cost of health care for public safety workers could increase $1.6 million per month through September 2024.

Notably, San Antonio City Manager Sheryl Sculley is in agreement with Mayor Taylor’s position according to a released statement.

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