DLG Luce – San Antonio – Bexar County Courthouse Shuffle Set to Begin

As recently noted in the San Antonio Express News, a major reorganization of the civil and criminal courts at the Bexar County Courthouse is about to go underway. After an $11,000,000.00 investment, all remaining criminal courts in the original historic Bexar County Courthouse will be relocated into the Cade-Reeves Justice Center. 

As part of the restructure, 70 inch TV monitors will be placed behind each Judge in the Courtrooms. Additionally, civil judges in Bexar County will have a new $2.5 million dollar presiding court which will be located on the first floor of the historic courthouse. The new presiding court will contain a suite of private rooms for attorneys to confer with thier clients, an apparent attempt to relieve the congestion in the hallways of the courthouse. 

The current presiding court will be restored to a two story room, which it was in the 1800s. 

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