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The attorneys of DLG Luce are litigators experienced in handling a variety of personal injury related claims. Many of our clients have questions about personal injury claims and the process surrounding it. While we cannot and do not offer legal advice over the internet, we do offer information of a general nature related to personal injury law. 

Comparative Negligence: Texas is a ‘comparative negligence’ state, which is distinguishable from ‘contributory negligence’ states. Simply put, this means that in order for a party to be legally considered liable to an injured party, the injured party must be able to establish that the ‘liable’ party was more than 50% at fault. If the liable party is determined to be 50% at fault or less, the injured party will likely be barred from a recovery.

This varies considerably from ‘contributory negligence,’ in which case an injured party is entitled to a recovery from the liable party of whatever percent of liability can be attributed to the liable party, even if it is determeined to be less than 50%. 

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