DLG Luce LLP – Lubbock Texas – Mike Leach’s Attorneys Claim Officials Conspired to Fire Him

According to an article recently published in the Austin American Stateman, former Texas Tech Football Coach Mike Leach’s attorneys have claimed in new court filings that a day after signing a new contract last year a top Texas Tech administrator and two members of its board of regents ‘secretly agreed’ to fire him before the school had to pay him an $800,000.00 bonus. 

The new allegations have been drawn from electronic communications between Texas Tech University officials that Leach’s attorney have gathered through litigation. 

Attorney Dicky Grigg, who represents Texas Tech was quoted as claiming that the new filings are a show of despair.  Specifically, Grigg stated that “today’s action by Mike Leach and his attorneys is another absurd act of desperation.” “This is the legal strategy one deploys when the facts and the law are irrefutably against him.”
Leach’s attorney, Ted Liggett, said Friday he wants the case to go to trial and that the damages Leach would be seeking aren’t yet determined.
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