DLG Luce – Austin – TX Ct. Criminal Appeals Maintains Holding in Reposa Case.

In 2008, Austin criminal defense attorney Adam Reposa was found in contempt of court for making what was considered to be an obscene gesture in an Austin Travis County court. As a result, Reposa was ordered to serve a 90 days contempt sentence. The sentence has been postponed due to appeals. 

This past week Reposa suffered another setback when the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals annouced its refusal to reconsider its position in the matter. As a result, a warrant for Reposa’s arrest could be issued as soon as within the next two weeks. 

According to an article recently published in the Austin American Stateman, Reposa’s attorney plans to file a Motion with State District Judge Paul Davis, who issued the sentence, asking that Reposa be allowed to serve the sentence in some fashion other than jail.