DLG Luce – Austin – Two Texas Judges on Ballot Fighting Ethics Fines

As recently reported in the Austin American Statesman, two top Texas Judges on this month’s ballot are still facing possible ethics fines. 

In 2010, a $100,000.00 fine was levied against Texas Court of Criminal Appeals presiding Judge Sharon Keller. In 2008 a $29,000.00 fine was levied against Texas Supreme Court Justice Nathen Hecht. 

Both Judges, who are Republicans, have appealed the fines and according to some Texas Court watchdogs the fact that the Texas Judges have been able to drag out the fines so long ’causes real questions about the legitimacy of the process.’

The attorney handling Keller’s appeal, who is a former Texas state representative, said ‘the appeal process in ethics cases is designed to be slow and protect the rights of those penalized for ethics violations by allowing them to go to court.

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