DLG Luce – Austin – Trial Lawyer Jamail Revised Will Months Before Death

An article published earlier this week in the Texas Lawyer discussed how famous Texas trial lawyer and philanthropist (notably the namesake of the University of Texas Football Field) revised his will about six months prior to his December 23, 2015 death. According to the article, at this time Jamail revised documents governing a trust to which he asked to have poured all of his outstanding assets. The will was simply a legal document to pour over any assets that he held into the trust that were not already previously established. 

According to Houston Lawyer Jason Ostrom quoted in the article, the will was ‘surprisingly not very complicated.’ 

According to Jamail’s website, a foundation created in both his and his wife’s name has given more than $233 million to various charities, schools and arts interests from 1987 to 2014. In 1987, Jamail won $10.5 billion for Pennzoil in a trial, pitting it against oil industry rival Texaco and netting a $345 million contingency fee for himself. Robert Jamail, one of the three sons, who is listed on the website as treasurer for his parents’ foundation, did not return a call for this story.

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