DLG Luce – Austin San Antonio Legal News – Lower Colorado River Authority

As was recently reported in the Austin usiness Journal, an Austin Travis County Court dismissed the Lower Colorado River Authority from a lawsuit that could have resulted in damages against it totaling over a billion dollars. 

Travis County State District Judge Stephen Yelenosky issued a court ruled that favored Central Texas conservation and reclamation authority/. The Order effectively struck down the City of San Antonio’s contention that it had been defrauded of ater that was promised in a 2002 agreement. 

The Austin Travis County Judge ended up issuing a Court ruling in favor of the Lower Colorado River Authoiry’s sovereign IMmunity rules defense.

San Antonio officials had contended that because it did not receive water supplies promised in the agreement, the City will end up spending more than a billion dollars 

According to the article, the LCRA currently provides water to more than 1 million Central Texans