DLG Luce – Austin – Filed Bill Would Limit Lawyers Liability Over Fee Agreements

As recently discussed in the Texas Lawyer, a House Bill has been filed that will be considered in the upcoming Texas Legislative session in Austin that would limit the reasons a person could sue a lawyer who uses contingency fee agreements. 

According to the article, a bill filed by State Representative Richard Pena, states that “a party may bring an action on a claim arising out of an agreement to which this section applies or the representation that is the subject of the agreement only on the ground that the agreement was obtained by corruption, coercion, force, fraud or other undue means, or that the agreement was forged.”

Should the bill become law, if a lawsuit is filed regarding a covered agreement, a party could potentially file with the Court a Motion to Dismiss the lawsuit with prejudice, in that the agreement would be ‘irrebuttable presumed’ to be fully disclosed. More can be read here.

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