DLG Luce – Austin – Evolving Law Offices

As recently reported in the Austin Business Journal, there is a change begining in Austin on what many come to expect in traditional brick and mortar law firms. As noted in the Austin Business article, there is a growing trend, not only in Austin, but across the country to shun the ‘stodgy’ wood paneled offices in favor of more egalitarian spaces. 

The article notes that the rise in technology and the lowering of ego both play a role in the evolving office spaces. The idea is for Austin law firms to do more with less, while at the same time communicating a strong powerful message according to the article. 

Of note, the article pointed out that clients ‘don’t want their (lawyers) office to look like Dallas or Houston. They want it to look like Austin. People in Austin want an Austin lawyer.’ 

More can be read in the Austin Business Journal. 

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