DLG Luce – Austin – Delay Asks to Move Trial From ‘Liberal’ Austin

As recently reported in the Austin American Statesman, it appears that Tom Delay’s long awaited trial on criminal charges is about to move forward. Although Delay has been long seeking  a trial to clear his name, the Austin American Statesman has reported that Delay is now seeking to have the trial removed from Austin.

Delay was quoted as saying that ‘I doubt I can get a fair trial here in Travis County (Austin).’ Delay was further quoted as stating that ‘I think I am more hated in Travis County than any other politician.’ Delay also referred to Austin as the ‘last bastion of liberaism’ in (a) republican leaning state.

Although a trial date has not yet been set, Senior Judge Pat Priest said that Delay would be tried before ihs co-defendants, noting that Delay had been demanding a trial since his indictment.

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