DLG Luce – Austin – Cowboy Boot Ban in Court?

As recently reported in the Austin American Statesman, the Municipal Court of Lakeway, a small community west of Austin, may be reconsidering its long ban on cowboy boots in the courtroom. Why is this newsworthy you ask? Well, as stated in the article ‘In Texas, lawyers and cowboy boots go together like barbeque and beer. You’ll always find lawyers – and judges – wearing shined boots under their suits in courtrooms throughout the Lone Star State, from federal and state trial courts to the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals and the Texas Supreme Court.’ 

We are not sure why the ban was ever put in place, but fortunantly the article quoted Kevin Madison, the municipal judge who originally drafted it as stating that it is a rule very rarely enforced. Nevertheless, the article notes that a Texas attorney is considering bringing a challenge to the rule, quoting him as saying ‘We’re in Texas, there is nothing wrong with wearing boots in court.’ 

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