DLG Luce – 2nd Annual de la Garza DLG Luce Salzar PLLC Schlarship Awarded

Today we had the pleasure to present Angela Rodriguez with a partial tuition financial scholarship to attend Antonian College Preparatory High School in San Antonio, Texas.  The 2nd annual de la Garza Family – DLG Luce Salazar PLLC was awarded to Ms. Rodriguez because of her excellent academic and extracurricular resume to date. We look forward to keeping up with Ms. Rodriguez’s progress at Antonian and wish her and her classmates best of luck in the coming school year.

DLG Luce Salazar is committed to giving back to the local San Antonio, Austin and central Texas community and the de la Garza Family – DLG Luce Salazar PLLC is but an example of our commitment.