Change: Texas Health and Safety Code

Effective September 1, 2009, the changes made by the Texas Legislature regarding the cost of delivery of medical records has gone into effect. Based on the HB no. 4029, a hospital can now not charge more than $75.00 for medical records it they are requested in a digital format. This, regardless of the amount of pages. 

The new law, Texas Health and Safety Code 241.151(2) has been amended to read in part as follows: 

   (3)  if the requested records are provided on a digital or other electronic medium and the requesting party requests delivery in a digital or electronic medium, including electronic mail:
                   (A)  a retrieval or processing fee, which may not to exceed $75; and
                   (B)  the actual cost of mailing, shipping, or otherwise delivering the provided copies.

This change should prove to be benficial to those clients whose cases require a lot of medical records. 

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