Austin Taxi Ridership Down 91%

According to an article recently posted in the Austin American Statesman, in the past 3 years, ridership of taxis has dropped a staggering 91%. Having represented individuals in countless taxi related collisions throughout the years, DLG Luce Salazar PLLC has witnessed the decline first hand.

According to the article, the Austin city government is aware of the issues surrounding the taxi industry and is currently making effort to reform the way taxis are licensed in Texas, potentially doing so in a way similar to other major Texas cities such as San Antonio, in an effort to assist the struggling industry.

The ridership of taxis in Austin peaked in 2017 at about 3 million rides. Following changes in the law regarding app based car hailing services, taxi ridership began to decline. The Austin taxi industry was dealt a gigantic blow as a result of the pandemic.

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