International Business

DLG Luce Salazar PLLC realizes and appreciates Austin & San Antonio's status as a trade hub between the States and Latin America. If you are considering doing business with an international company, or purchasing land abroad, contact a DLG Luce attorney.

With attorneys who are licensed in Texas, Mexico, Washington D.C., and New York, the attorneys of DLG Luce Salazar are able to provide business and legal advice to indiviudlas and corporations. Our principal office in San Antonio, Texas is strategically located near the U.S.-Mexico border to better enable us to assist clients seeking to do business with companies in Central and Latin America.

DLG Luce Salazar is able to provide legal services regarding international business transactions. We are able to assist companies who seek to establish complex business arrangements with potential partners, suppliers, manufacturers and distributors worldwide.

The attorneys of DLG Luce Salazar are able to assist businesses in international trade related matters in a wide variety of industries, including the following:

* Marketing and Distribution
* Technology and Software
* Real Estate Development
* Consulting and Environmental Services
* Oil and Gas

Furthermore, we are able to serve clients in complex business transactions in international business related

* matters including:
* Acquisitions
* Mergers and Other Reorganizations
* Partnerships
* Joint Ventures

If your business has an international transaction related legal matter, the lawyers of DLG Luce may be able to assist. Contact us to set up a consultation in our Austin or San Antonio, Texas based office.
Our attorneys are able to assist clients in both english in spanish.