Our Story

We are a civil litigation, business, corporate and immigration law firm. Whether we are assisting an individual or a business in a contractual dispute, or we are representing a person who was injured through no fault of his own, we are litigators. Moreover, our attorneys have the expertise and acumen to advise businesses on complex corporate matters and immigration issues.

We understand the modern practice of law, and that it has evolved significantly throughout the decades. While DLG Luce Salazar values and strives to maintain the best aspects of the traditional practice of law, such as personal client relationships, we realize the importance of staying abreast in the changes of the practice as well. As such, we seek to adopt and utilize the most modern technology and approaches whenever possible to facilitate the resolution of a client's case.

Our principal office is in San Antonio, Texas. DLG Luce Salazar has additional offices in downtown Austin, Texas and The Woodlands, Texas (Houston Area). Through strategically located offices, we strive to be accessible to our clients. This is important to us. Our clients quickly learn that DLG Luce Salazar attorneys are not the type they meet once and never see again. This is not how we do business. Accessibility is a core value that our attorneys all share and is a key to our success.

If you have a legal matter that you believe a DLG Luce Salazar attorney may be able to assist you with, we encourage you to contact us to set up a consultation in our San Antonio or Austin or The Woodlands, Texas office.

All office visits are by appointment only.

Nuestros abogados hablan español.